Caregiver Coaching for a  Healthy Balanced Life!

Caregivers don’t usually plan to be caregivers. They are thrust into the role without warning or preparation. Many times they don’t have the knowledge, training or resources necessary to take on this role. They are so busy getting by and coping with the situation in front of them that they don’t know where to turn or what help is available to them.



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  • Baby Boomers
  • Sandwich Generation
  • Families
  • Caring for a Special Needs Child

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your aging parent or spouse needs additional support and care than they used to.

Your child has special needs and requires additional resources and support as well as assistance with basic tasks.

You find yourself sandwiched between your parent(s) and children and are responsible for both and needing to figure out how to juggle between the two.

Your child is all grown up but still requires support due to behavioural challenges.

If any of these sound familiar, chances are you have become a Caregiver and are not sure how to make it work in your life.

Brett Coaching and Consultant provides coaching, planning, advocate services and resources that will help you navigate this new and unfamiliar situation.

Chances are there are things available to help you lead a thriving life and offer the same for your entire family. We will help you get there.

"May God bless you in  your endeavor to help Caregivers; I served as one for many years and know that early advisement would have helped me."


What's Next?

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  • Get answers to all of your questions including "How Will I Benefit?" and "How is Caregiver Coaching Different from Therapy?"
  • Want to know if Caregiver Coaching with Mary L Brett Wright is the best option for you? Learn more about Mary and her vast knowledge, experience and the ways she can help.

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