Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will you benefit from getting a Caregiver Coaching?

Many caregivers are in the unique position of going through what appears to be a “normal” life and suddenly finding themselves taking care of a loved one because of accidents, disease, or simply age. Because of this, many do not have the tools to deal with the new experiences they must endure.

A "new normal" must be created in their lives. Living with the restrictions placed upon the loved one, changes in personality, or changes in physical or mental capabilities causes relationships to change. What once was an adult to adult relationship will at times become a parent to child relationship because of the limitations placed on the ill or disabled.

Working together with a Coach will create this "new normal" to reduce stress, improve your relationships, achieve balance, or overcome other challenges.

Your Caregiver Coach will provide an outside perspective, unconditional encouragement, and a safe, judgment-free environment for you to experiment with new ways of thinking, being, and acting in order for you to create your "new normal.”

Caregiver Coaching is different from counseling or therapy?

 Caregiver Coaching is not counseling or therapy. Although there may be similar characteristics such as: one-on-one dialog, ongoing support, and strict confidentiality, the differences are critical.

Therapists work with clients that need professional help to work towards healing, recovery, and issue resolution often delving into the client's past to determine cause. They might be considered experts in medical and/or behavioral sciences trained to treat diagnosable conditions.

Caregiver Coaches work with clients who want a detached partner to help them evolve and enhance their lives, concentrating more on what can be done today to achieve goals and desires. Caregiver Coaches help their client's to focus on their strengths and abilities in order to achieve a certain desired outcomes.

How does Caregiver Coaching work?

Everything in this relationship is about you, the client. The client brings to the process specific topic or challenges which include: Your agenda, your ideas, your victories, your challenges, your dreams and desires, your commitment to change and your authentic self.

Your Coach listens actively to what you as the client are saying; you’re words, your silence, and vocal inflection, energy level, thought processes, emotions, and actions. This allows the Coach to hear what you say and not say. The coach will ask direct and thought provoking questions designed to help you listen to yourself more closely and discover the truths you already know about yourself.

The coach does not to give advice or solve problems. They may share life experiences in order to help you as the client to see things clearer. This helps to uncover your own wisdom and to be true to your authentic self, which helps you to identify concrete ways to meet your goals. The coach supports you by holding you accountable and encouraging you to commit to the accomplishment and/or achievement of specific steps and/or actions.

Where does the Coaching take place?

Coaching is done primarily over the telephone with email support. This gives you the advantage meeting in the convenience of your home, office, or wherever you happen to find yourself.

Is this confidential?

Your Coach abides by the ICF Code of Ethics; you can read them at this link:

Your information will be held in the utmost confidence. It will not be sold, given, transferred, or used in any way without your  permission.

Do you offer any bonuses?

Yes. You will receive one free session for every client you refer to Mary who signs up and pays for at least one month of coaching.

How can I find out if Caregiver Coaching with Mary is right for me?

Contact Mary for an appointment to explore your needs and find out if Caregiver Coaching is right for you.

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