Caregiver Coaching and How It Can Help

It has been said, that “A Caregiver is like a frog in slowly boiling water. You don't always recognize what is happening to you.” That is why it is a good idea to have someone walk with you through this journey of a Caregiver.  This is where a Caregiver Coach can play a positive role in the Caregiver’s life. Most Caregivers are thrust into caregiving. They may not recognize that they have become a Caregiver until they are well into their journey. They are only making sure another person is getting what they basically need such as: groceries, house cleaning, cooking, shopping, paying bills, giving medicine, toileting, bathing, dressing, and eating. Often it starts by doing only one thing and slowly the others creep into place as the needs of their loved ones increase.

Regardless of how a person becomes a Caregiver, the Caregiver is about to take on a new role for which they may feel unprepared and may begin to feel nervous or overwhelmed about what is expected. The Caregiver may experience a number of mixed emotions including anxiety, anger, and sadness and at the same time, they desire to do the best they can in caring for their loved one the best way they can.

This is where a Caregiver Coach can be most helpful. The Caregiver coach will help them to work out strategies that enable them to care for their loved one and at the same time maintain a better sense of self. Most Caregivers have a strong impulse to be all things to the one person they are caring for in this time of need. The Caregiver Coach can help the Caregiver to recognize the need for setting boundaries so that the Caregiver is able to protect their own health and well-being -- for both of your sakes.

It seems like there is never a good time to become a Caregiver. It seems to come at the most un-opportune times since people are living longer and being released from hospitals earlier. In addition, people are living with many chronic illnesses. These challenges lead to more family members and friends caring for loved ones at home. Often, people find themselves having to perform new and unfamiliar tasks. These may include giving medicines, assisting with meals, and performing medical and nursing procedures.

This causes the Caregiver to add these additional tasks to the ones that they are already doing or responsible for. They are coordinating chores for their own life, their families and chores for the Caregiver. The Caregiver coach helps the Caregivers and their family:

  • Coordinate services
  • Problem solve together
  • Cope with daily challenges
  • Manage family dynamics
  • Plan ahead
  • Become an empowered Caregiver
  • Create a plan to make caregiving less stressful and more rewarding
  • Identify solutions that make the most sense in your situation
  • Get services started
  • Make the decisions you know you need to make
  • Learn why and how to make your own care a priority
  • Evaluate and make decisions about housing needs
  • Create a backup plan in case something happens to you
  • Learn and teach others how to maintain dignity for the person you care for.

There will be good and bad days, as your love one continues the changing process.

Good days follow bad days, and your loved one reacts differently in different situations. Some abilities remain longer than others. So you always feel like you're playing catch-up.

But it does not have to be this way. There is help. At Brett Coaching and Consultant, you will find the help you need. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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