Coaching Assessment

Coaching is a collaborative process focused on your needs and agenda. Through the process we can determine the best next steps for you in this challenging time in your life. My clients deal with stresses such as feeling overwhelmed, helpless and hopeless; having trouble sleeping relaxing and staying focused; feeling isolated and lonely; experiencing excess stress and tension; feeling unsure of the resources available and how to attain them.

Here’s a quick self evaluation to provide me with an idea of where you are right now. It might also serve to provide you with some clarity and help you identify the areas where you could use the most support. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions.

In what ways have you recently found your life changing because
you are having to take care of another person?
How is stress and feeling overwhelmed playing a role in your new
responsibilities? How are you currently dealing with these challenges?
What challenges are you having in knowing which way to turn or where to
find resources? What resources have you reviewed and applied for so far?
What have you done so far to address the challenges you are facing? What
has been your result?

How do you think coaching will assist you? What are you looking to get out
of coaching from a Caregiver Coach?

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