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If your client is showing signs of Caregiver Burnout such as:

  • Feel overwhelmed, helpless, and hopeless
  • Exhausted, even after sleeping or taking a break
  • Neglecting personal needs because too busy or don’t care anymore
  • Little personal satisfaction since revolved with caregiving
  • Have trouble relaxing, even when help is available
  • Fatigue and exhaustion as caregiving demands increase
  • Isolation and loneliness as independence disappears
  • Less energy and/or overwhelming emotions as capabilities and demands increase
  • Having difficulty leaving the house
  • Financial and work complications and resources are challenged
  • Excessive stress and tension
  • Debilitating depression
  • Persistent anxiety, anger or guilt
  • Extreme irritability or anger with the patient
  • Decreased overall life satisfaction
  • Relationship conflicts and social isolation
  • Lower immunity and greater need for healthcare services
  • Excessive use of medications, drugs or alcohol

A Caregiver coach would be the person to call. The Caregiver Coach can assist in balancing the enormous task of caring for a loved one. A Caregiver Coach can help  prioritize efforts; while taking care of a loved one and provide effective care for themselves.  

The Caregiver’s journey can be full of the unexpected so learning is very important. Things Caregiver may need to learn to:

  • Ask for help                                                      
  • Find acceptance for  what is happening            
  • Make decisions                                       
  • Make changes in expectations and reactions.          
  • Understand the challenges that come with being a Caregiver                
  • Celebrate what is possible                                

If your patient is struggling with any of these issues, a Caregiver Coach can help. Their first step is to take the Free Assessment and contact Brett Coaching and Consultant services for a free consultation.

The Caregiver Coach will assist the Caregiver in learning new opportunities and resources.  It is vitally important that the Caregiver recognize the need to planning for their own care and in planning they can nurture a sense of satisfaction in order to protect, reflect, and connect.   It is easy to abandon things in life that include people and activities you love when you’re mired in caregiving, but this causes a risk to your health and peace of mind. 

Contact Brett Coaching and Consultant today to talk about how Caregiver Coaching can help your patients. 



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