Testimonials for Mary L Brett Wright and Brett Coaching & Consultant

These testimonials have been taken from Mary's LinkedIn Profile.

“Mary has extensive practical experience dealing with diverse issues associated with adverse personal behaviors and with dysfunctional families and has demonstrated a strong commitment to help individuals regain their self-esteem and move forward toward a better life.” October 14, 2011

Henry W., Director of Toxic Hazards Research Unit and Toxicology Research Manager, ManTech Environmental Technology Inc.


“Mary L. Brett is a leader who has keen insight into the behaviors of others. She will always encourage individuals to access their situations in a thought out, realistic manner. Mary L.Brett will help other develop the tools needed for success in their endeavors.” October 9, 2011

Julie W., Probation Officer, SB County Probation


“Mary is an exceptionally quailified counselor and coach with a tremendous background to allow empathy, sympathy and appropriate guidance for her clients.
As we, at Fan of the Feather Inc, prepare to open our first transitional home for homeless veterans, I would love to have her serve on our board!” October 16, 2011

Lawrence A W., Physician, United States Navy


“I must say that Ms. Wright comes to the table with excellent skills and a willingness to get the job done. I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Wright on a number of professional levels such as writing job descriptions for the entire U.S. Air Force. Again Ms. Wright is a “ Commitment to Excellence”.
James Brooks” January 13, 2010

James B., Preminum Services, NBA Miami Heat Basketball Operations


“Mary L. is an proficient leader and demonstrates initiative and follow-up in any situation. She has excellent communications skills and ability to contribute to the organization in an effective and reliable way. Mary is also detail oriented and able to achieve the positive outcome by involving all involved in the process. She is an asset as Vice President.” January 13, 2010

Joan B., President, Colonial Heritage Community Foundation


“Mary was a valued colleague at Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia. She brought wisdom, compassion, and a level head to her work. I was sad to see her move out of the area.” December 7, 2009

Doug Thorpe, Counselor, Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia (colleague)

“Caregiving is . . . about forming a relationship with another whom we might never have chosen to know. It is about doing all we do practically with the intention of growing into a relationship of respect, listening, presence, and truthfulness.”


"May God Bless you in  your endeavor to help Caregivers; I served as one for many years and know that early advisement would have  helped me."


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